What we do

Aethyn represents a lifestyle of sorts in that our goal is to help stimulate the scientific curiosity of everyone we interact with. We call this a lifestyle because we believe that being passionate about science, as well as working to better ourselves and the world we live in is not something that can be easily created overnight. However, unfortunately that passion is something that people can have ripped away from them or slowly deteriorated if it is not nurtured and helped along the way. Aethyn wants to help fuel your passion, and if its not there we hope we can spark the curios mind that resides in each and every one of us!

You will find the website is still "Under Construction" in most areas. It was decided to implement the website in it's current form and continue to update it as progress is made so that even a small amount of information can be relayed to those who are searching. Work will continue on the site with the primary focus being the online physics equation solvers, listing of resources, and funding. These key areas will be the most beneficial to students.

About Us


Evan Howington


Evan recently completed his Bachelor of Science in Physics & Mathematics and has began working on his Physics M.S. focusing on High Energy Phenomenological Physics pertaining to Neutrinos. Upon completing his Masters he plans to pursue his Physics Ph.D and continue his research. When he is not studying, researching, or playing in the financial markets, he enjoys travelling, paddle boarding, and exploring the great outdoors.